Thursday, 30 July 2015

My Followup 1

WALT: Solve number problems by using more than one strategy.
Problem One
Ivan delivers newspapers. Every night he has 192 to deliver but only managed to get 34 done. How many newspapers does he have left to deliver?

Problem Two

Jasper collected shells. The first day he collects 27, the second day 39 and on the third day 18. How many shells has Jasper collected in total?

Problem one.                   Problem two.
34+158=192                   27+39+18=84
because                             because 
34+158=192                     20+30+10=60
and there is an other way. 7+9+8=24
34+60=94                          and 60+24=84
34+60=94                          and there is a other way.
and then I add them            27+18=45
94+94=188+4=192              45+39=84

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