Thursday, 5 November 2015

e-AsTTle Writing Test

“Hey, guess what”? My classroom and I Went outside to have a food challenges. It what weetabix with cream on top.

How to play.
You have to find a buddy and go outside and wait for the teacher. There is an weetbix with cream on the plat, and an apple on the side of you. You have to try and eat the food that is on the plat. Then you eat the apple. Also you have to eat it.

Your favourite part.
My favourite part was when my buddy covered the weetbix with cream on my face.”It was funny”. Also the funniest part was when it was my other friends turn. Her face was covered in cream, It was amazing.

What happened.
Was that the cream keep on going into other people's nose. Also we got to have another turn. But this time we had to swoop over, so that our buddy could have a turn. It was so funny because when it was my buddy turn, she was so funny that I could not stop laughing. There were cream and weetbix everywhere on her face and on the fool, and it was just a mass.

Your saddest part.
My saddest part was when people in my class and other class kept on going to the toilet and kept on spewing and vomiting. It was the saddest part in my entire life. It was so sad.  

After we have had so much fun, It was so sad because we had to pack up and sit on the mat, waiting for the teacher to come. While we were waiting, we were talking about what we did and what had happened. It was the best food challenges in the world.

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