Thursday, 10 December 2015

End of the year Reflections

Hey did you know that at Point England school, we have 3 classes in 1 block?, Isn't that amazing?. Well our teachers names are Miss Lavakula, Mr Goodwin and also Mr S.

What I enjoyed in reading was, when we had go on the mat to read with our teacher. It was so fun reading different kinds of books.
Also learning thing from the book. Did you know that reading is good for you? because, if you don’t know how to read then you can’t really learn much.

In writing I like to write about the interesting thing we did at school and at other places. At school we play lots of fun games like the blindfold, the chocolate game and also a game that you had to eat. Writing is one of my favourite subjects in the world.

Math is one of my favourite subjects too. It is so fun to learn about math. Did you know that school is so important to me because, when you go to school, it help you to learn all about interesting thing that you don’t know, and also math is the best subjects in the world too me. What I learn in math was that ⅔ of 18= 12, because ⅓ of 18 = 6 so other ⅓ of 18 = 6 so 6+6=12.

Did you know the inquiry is so fun and amazing because It has cool thing you can do in your class. In term 2, our theme was called Tinkering tool and toy, and in term 3, our theme was called Trade and Enterprise . My favourite term was term 3. Cause there were group of 5, the names of the groups were Toys, Accessories, Homewear, musical instruments and kitchen. The group I was in was musical instruments. It was so cool and fun because we got to make driftin kinds of instruments.

What a tiring term. It was lots of fun, and had an amazing thing we could do. For next year my goal is to ame height in reading and math. So I am going to finish this year off properly, and go on to year 7 for next year.          

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