Friday, 13 May 2016


On Tuesday, there was a dance group the came to Pt England School, they were called Iluminate. Iluminate means, they are wearing dark black cloths and they were also glowing in the dark. It was so fun and cool. My favourite part was when one of the dances jumped off the stage and did a hand sand. It was the best day ever, we had lots of fun in the dark. 

After the dance group were finish dancing, Pt England's Kapa Haka group did a wlecomeing song and a Haka.  It was so funny because The dance group were Africans and they were trying to learn how to do the haka.   
My favourite dancer was Lisa. She was the best dancer ever, and she the one who jumped off the stage and did a cool and an amazing hand sand. She had cool moves and my favourite closers when she was glowing in the dark.

I really like what happen on Tuesday, I had so much fun and it just was so cool.      
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  1. Hi Machelle,
    I really enjoyed watching iluminate too! We are so lucky to have them come to our school. Do you remember where they were from?

    Love Miss Lavakula