Friday, 5 June 2015

The Blindfold Game.

“Hey guess what!” This morning Miss lavakula’s literacy class was playing. The rules are that you have to be blindfolded so that you can not see and also you can’t get help from your friend. But the most thing you can not do is chete.

“How to play the game?”
Each person had to be blindfolded. You have to try and find safety pins in a bowl with rice. There were six bowls. Also you have to try and get as many safety pins as you can out of the blow. If you get more than the other person next to you , then you win and you get a prize, and if you lose then you get nothing. So do not cheat by opening your blindfold.

My favorite part was when I heard that we were going to play a game. My least favorite part was when I only got 2 safety pins. But least I got a turn. The funny part was when My friend Amethyst just shoved her hand into the bowl and grabbed some rice with safety pins and put them on the papr.

Did you know that the game we played was the best game in my life, well not the best best game. It is just like the game I like and also when we were play the game. I felt like I was in a dark cave. What a fun game we play. What a long game we played. Did you know that when I got a 2 I got jealous because I was kind of the only one who had a 2.
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