Friday, 16 October 2015

My Holiday Writing

“Have you ever been to camp before?”
Well on the first week of the holidays, I went to Riverside camp at Willow Park. When we arrived we had to sit in the ruma room in our teams. The girl’s teams were called Mufasa, Pumba, Cog and Flavaz . The boys teams were called R4Bz, tanz, suberins and BWA.

The first activity we did was that we went to the beach to make sand castles. We only had 3 hours. In 1 place, Me and my group came first. In 2 place the R4BZ came second, and in third place is the cog.

Our next game was sport’s. In our team we had to choose a captain, and that captain was me. The game we play was tag, touch and Tball.Our team won one game and lost two. But I said that it was all right, because we are a good team that knows how to work together.

After all the fun we had, was so cool but tiring. Then we had dinner and our dinner was meatball with spaghetti. It was delicious. After dinner, we had to go and brush our teeth. Then we had to go to bed.

In the morning all of the team had to run up and down the stairs, and back and forward to the beach and back to the place where we had to have breakfast. Our Breakfast was porridge, cornflakes, yogurt with pineapple with toes.

When we had finished our breakfast. We had to go and brush our teeth and then get changed into your togs. We were going to play game that you don’t get wet in, but we play game that you do get wet in. One of the games were called spong. What a fun day.

Going camping is cool and heaps of fun. Do you know what you can do? Well on the last day of camp. We were allowed to do anything, like free time.i went jumping on the trampoline. The rules were that only one person was allowed, no shoe, Take turns and don’t move the trapline.

“Riverside Camp is the best!”  

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