Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Grass to Glass

WALT add detail to the beginning of sentences.

Cooling and transportation:
When the milk comes out of the cow, first it is warm and then, the milk is cooled. While the milk is coming out of the cow the milk it warm, then you wait for a little bit and then the milk is cooled. As soon as the milk is cooled, it gets taken to the dairy factory.

A machine separates the cream for the milk. The blue milk has lots of cream in it, the green milk only has a little bit of cream. Why there is lot of cream in the blue milk is because the cream get put back in.
A machine heats the milk to 72 degrees celsius, then it cools down to 3 degrees celsius. If you don’t watch really closely, it can go past your eyes. Bacteria is killed by pasteurisation the milk.

My Conclusion:
The milk is finally piped into its different bottles. Next time you have a glass, think about all the steps it took to produce it.

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