Monday, 10 August 2015

Living On a Farm

   Walt: Order and retell the story again in your own words
“Hey if you lived on a farm, what will you like to do?”Well if I live on a farm I would like to ride a horse because it looks so fun when I see people riding them, and they also look pretty. If I was riding a horse it will be the best thing I have ever did.
But did you know that sometimes when you are riding a horse, it can be hard to Ctrl them, and also it can be scare.

My best second thing I would like to do on a farm is playing with the pigs and feeding them because it looks so fun and also muddy. Also I would like to feed the chickens. Did you know that if you feed the chickens, it looks so sore because they pink the there food with there beak.

Another thing I would do on a farm is feeding the lames and also picking up po. Would you do that? I don’t think so, because it looks so disgusting. But I want to be helpful.  

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