Friday, 26 February 2016

The Family who live in the forest.

The family who live in the forest.

Once upon time there was a little family who live in the forest. There was a mum, dad and they had three kid, the mum and dad’s name were May and Robert, and the kids names was Revival, liz and Tj. They love you play outside together, but they didn’t know that someone else was with they too. When it was dinner time the little family had pasta for dinner, but after dinner, Revival, Liz and Tj snacked outside to play, but in the meantime Revival went toilet, liz went for a drink and Tj stay outside. He wasn’t sacked because he had faith in him, so while Revival and liz was inside, Tj was playing on his own. But when Tj got tide of playing, he went and sat down on a log and then the boogieman saw him on his own. When Tj was singing a song the doogieman came behind and cut off Tj neck, but not so fast, Revival and liz came outside and saw Tj dead, and also they saw the boogieman run away. So the two sister quickly dialed 911 and also they did not let the boogieman run get away with it. They ran as fast as they can and jump on the boogieman and the cops came just in time. After all of what had happened, the forest was no longer a forest again. The little family had a fauler, it was so sad and most people were crying. After the failure had fisch the little family live happily ever after.         

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Kare a roto, Feeling

There is something I did at school. It was fun because we learned more about Maori.
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Tino pai  very good
pai  good
ahua pai  OK
kino  bad
mauiui  sick
ngenge  tire, sleepy
pouri   sad
wea  hot
makariri  cold
hoha  silly, annoyed
mangere  lazy

maroke  dry

Friday, 12 February 2016

What did Room 1 learn in the past tow weeks.

In the past tow week, I have been learning about Kindliness. Kindliness is about People helping others. Being kind is so importation to other, so it has to be importation to you too. I also have been learning how to swim. So if you do not know how to swim ask one of you friends or sister'sand brother's, you could even ask your mum or dad too. 

I hope you enjoy my blog