Thursday, 27 November 2014

Making trees

On Wednesday in the morning Mr J came to our senior literacy group. When he came in he brought a box the had pliers and wire and we all had to made trees and it was cool and fun too. First  Mr J had to look at all of our pinches and if he says our pinches are cool then we get to get weirs and the pliers. Then we  had to get the wires and the pliers then we cut the wires with the pliers and it was hard. But the part I did not like was the part when we had to twins the wire and when I did my hand was sore. Then all of our trees were finished and the best trees was Pou.


Thursday, 6 November 2014

Guy Fawkes Night.

Last night I felt really excited because it was Guy Fawkes night.That meant letting off fireworks. I was the first one to hold a little firecracker and set it into the sky. It was so amazing. Then my mum lit the big one. It went up into the sky and we all heard a big loud “BOOM”. My baby brothers got scared and I got scared too. But it was cool. After the big boom my friend was going to light a little firecracker like me and her one was even more amazing than my one. When we were finished we gave the rest of our fireworks to my friends because we were all tired.