Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Maze Game and Flappy Bird Codes

Its been a few weeks since 10PSD and I has been coding with Miss Anderson. The first coding game we learnt was the Maze Game. In this game there was blocks that gave us permission to (move forward), (turn left or right), (repeat as many times), (repeat until) and (if path do / else).  We had to get our character from here to there to continue to the next level. Our next game was the Flappy Game, and it wasn't as complicated as the Maze Game, but we had to flap our bird until it touched the red dot, also you could change the settings and the colour of you're bird to how ever you wanted it.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Time Word Problems

LI: WALT - use our known strategies to work out time lapse word problems

This week Mr Wiseman didn't give his maths class any work to do so we had to go on Mrs Ilaoa's site and do her maths work from there. Our problems are clock ones and is's really not the easy for me.
But I did it and it was really good because I struggled, and thats good

Wednesday, 6 December 2017


WALT - find more facts about animals

For the past two weeks my reading class and I have been finding more fact about animals. We had to chose one animal and write about it. I chose to find more facts about monkeys, "WHY?" because they are not only funny, but at can learn new thing that us students learn.


Once upon a time there was an egg in the middle of nowhere, on the long green grass. It was really big as a rock, and also was too heavy to carry. A few years went past and the egg had somehow was out for a walk. It had a head, two arms and two legs like a real person. He named himself humpty dumpty because he liked the way it sounded.

2 weeks later, he finds a tower way up high. Then see’s two men standing on two sides of the big wide door. Humpty dumpty was welcomed by the king, then the tall tower had became his home.
One hot sunny day Humpty dumpty had sat on the wall. He was walking, jumping and also running on it. He didn’t see that there was a banana skin 3 meters in front of him. Suddenly he spets and slips on it, “WHOOO” Humpty goes flying of the big great wall.

Image result for humpty dumptyAll the king’s men was in the great tower doing their hair. Until they heard that their friend was hurt they couldn’t put Humpty together again. They laid him down in the big white room, with all his other pieces and cried their way out.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017


WALT: Making inferences from a text

This week my reading group and I have been learning about inference. I know that a conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning.So we had to read all of the story's that were ion the slide. After that we need to read the question then answer it.   

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Test Practice

WALT -  Use 2 different strategies to solve word problems

This week I have been practising my math for my test coming up. Room 1's Maths class will be learning new things, and also we might get to know things we dont know.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

My family trip

This morning my cousin, aunty, my mum and I are already on the road going to Palmerston North. We are heading down for a wedding. My brother and my other cousins will be coming tomorrow with the drummers, "Why the drummers?" Well we are performing for the wedding. We wont be coming back till Monday, but its going to be fun.