Thursday, 30 April 2015

MY Weekend.

In the weekend I went to the beach with my family. When we got there, we got into our togs to go for a swim. The next thing we did, was when we played games called tag, cricket, rugby and also netball. It was so cool. But the thing that I did not like was when this man was walking with his dog and the dog was running to my little brother and he was so scared he cried. So the man was angry at his dog and my mum said to my little brother, are you ok baby.

Then we all went for a swim. The best thing was when we were jumping off the rocks and my biggest brother did the bigass bom. Then we had something to eat and had a little drink. After that we had a little swim then we had to get out and get changed  into our clothing. Then we all got to go to the park and got to play for a little while. Then we got into the car and went to .G.I to get all of us K.F.C. After that we went home and then we ate the K.F.C.

After all the fun we went to bed. But before I went to bed my hair satied descending, so my mum told me to go for a shower so I did. Then my hair smelted nice and it was so clean. Then I went into my room, and instead of going to bed I was playing on my tablet and went on youtube. The song that I was listening to was Cheerleader O.M.I, Uptown funk and also little Einsteins. It was so amazing when i went into my  big brother’s room to play tiggy.

After all of the fun at the beach, having K.F.C, going on youtube and also playing tiggy with my brothers I got really tired. So I had to go in my room and go for a nice looking sleep. The next day me and my mum went to  my nanas to get my nana and my poppa to go to my aunts to have a BBQ.   
“IT WAS AMAZING!!!.”      Then I went for a swim in my aunts pool with my cousins called, Apil, Amela, May and lotu. So then we all went home and I went outside to play.

                WHAT A LONG FUN DAY

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Anzac Day.

WALT: explain and find the missing words for a paragraph about ANZAC Fill in the missing spaces:

Holiday Highlight.

“Hey have you every been window washing before” Well me, my brother and my cousin’s went window washing all around G.I. center with our aunty. When we were getting ready we were so excited and also it was super hot. But we still went window washing.Hahaha it was cool that when we started washing the window the lady gave all of us an easter egg. When we ate it all up we went on to the next one.

Did you know that the best part that I liked was when we had lunch. Do you know why? It was because I got to go with my aunty to buy the pizza and the drinks. But that was not the part I like. It was when she brought me a block of chocolate. So when we came back to the G.I. center on the stage to eat and drink we were playing tigging and I was in. I got so tired that I was going to die. But I didn’t.

O.M.G!!! did you know that when my uncle came he said good work and he should take all of us to the beach, and we all said can you. Then he said I’ll see. When he said he’ll see we waited for 5 minutes then he came and said yes he was going to take all of us to the beach for 2 hours, and also have lunch again at the beach. When we were swimming. It was not cold for me but it was cold for my brother and my cousin’s.
It was so cool over there because it was so cool over there.

The part I did not like was when my brother found crabs and you know that I do not like crabs, well you don’t. But I still don’t like crabs, now you know I don’t like crabs. When I saw a crab I did not feel like for a swim. But I had to go for a swim , and also I had to look after my brother and my cousin’s. So after all that fun we had we went back home and then we had K.F.C. Did you know that K.F.C it my favorite.

                              WHAT A LONG DAY!!!    


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Two Trees.

Two Trees

Miss lavakula and our reading group has been telling about that it takes time to grow. There's one old tree and there's a new tree that diapers the new tree was gonna have a race who grows faster but the old tree said that it takes time to grow and when it was getting darker the wind was so strong it blow the new tree away

Monday, 20 April 2015

Term 2 Inquiry: Tinkering, Tools and Toys.

This term our topic is all about technology. We are trying to solve a problem the relates to our Everyday life at school. We are going to create a game that we are going to play during rainy days at school.