Friday, 20 May 2016

Wool and Nail Art

Today we made Wool and nail art. First we had to get 11 nails, one hammer, string of wool, a paper cut out into a star or any kind of shape you want and a piece of wood. Then we had to hammer one nail into each corner of the star after we hammer it we had to hammer the inside to which would be 6 nails. When we finished hammering down the nails we had lift out the paper of star then all the nails should look like a star its self. We had to get a string of wool and wrap it around each corner of the star on the outside. Next we had to had discover each pattern we like to do with the star. Once you like the pattern you tie the end up then cut off the left over string.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Today I had to do  an rotation of ladybirds. I had to start from the egg to the ladybird. First It go's the egg, then the larvae, then the pupa and the last one is the ladybird.     

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Thousand uses of bamboo

Today we are learning about Bamboos. Bamboo is one of the most useful plants on earth. People have used it in thousands of ways for thousands of years. It is really a kin of grass that has a stiff flexible stalk. Bamboo can also be made out of many kinds of things, like pencil containers, fence and museums.  
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Monday, 16 May 2016

Ladybird, Ladybird

Here is something I have done in room 4's literacy. I have to read the book and find the answer's. I have to work with a buddy and her name was Angelica. I also had to make some new words, from much,gobble and ooze. 

Friday, 13 May 2016


On Tuesday, there was a dance group the came to Pt England School, they were called Iluminate. Iluminate means, they are wearing dark black cloths and they were also glowing in the dark. It was so fun and cool. My favourite part was when one of the dances jumped off the stage and did a hand sand. It was the best day ever, we had lots of fun in the dark. 

After the dance group were finish dancing, Pt England's Kapa Haka group did a wlecomeing song and a Haka.  It was so funny because The dance group were Africans and they were trying to learn how to do the haka.   
My favourite dancer was Lisa. She was the best dancer ever, and she the one who jumped off the stage and did a cool and an amazing hand sand. She had cool moves and my favourite closers when she was glowing in the dark.

I really like what happen on Tuesday, I had so much fun and it just was so cool.      
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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Year 7’s 3 days at school

Year 7’s 3 days at school

On Wednesday the year 8’s were going to camp, and the year 7’s were going to stay at school for three days. When the year 8’s went us year 7’s watched a movie that Miss M made at her old school. The movie was called, Boys2Men. There was, sad, happy and boring parts of the movie.

We were so excited to watch a movie with popcorn. The name of the popcorn we had was called, caramel popcorn. My favourite part of the movie, was when a man who took one of the boys to become one of his son and had a home. The saddest part was when one of the brother was stabbed by this other man, and the boring part was when the boy who was little, keep on running and running, but then he stopped.

I really like the movie, it and so interesting and fun. I hope the next year, will be better than this year, and that we get to do fun thing like what the year 8’s did this year.

On the last day, It was the best day ever. We made pasta, and had coca cola. It was so nice, that I had seconds. We all had to pay $2 or more, also we decorated the post in the senior block.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Immersion Assembly

   Immersion Assembly.

It was a lovely morning, as the sun was out and back at school. Pt England School had an Immersion Assembly for a new term. The name for this term is, As I see it. Team 1 to team 5 each made a video to show what they are going to be learning for this term.

My favourite team was team 4. They were the best one out of all why, because they were super heroes, but they were called Teacher Vengers. The video they made together was so funny and cool. My favourite part from the video was how Mr Goodwin was talking. It was so funny how he was talking, cause there is only one of him and he has to change his voice into different kind of voices.

The funny part about this video, was when a little bear had took Bobby Jon’s netbook and ran away. Then the Teacher Vengers came, but this time, “only 2 came.” They were trying to defeat the bear. The tried and tried their best to defeat the bear, but they failed. They were calling for help and the other Teacher Vengers herd one of their sister’s calling for help, so they ran as fun as they could and found them tied up together and saw the ugly looking bear too.

They were trying their best to fight and defeat the bear and to put Bobby Jon’s netbook back where it came from. 11 minutes later, the teacher vengers has defeated the bear. They had won the fight untied the others and lived happily ever after.