Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Being able to swim is Important

We need to be able to swim because it is good for exercise and fun to do and keeps you safe in the water. You can swim whenever are near water.  If you are doing a challenge and someone says, “GO!” You have to dive in the water and stand in a straight line and you might come first. If you don't know  what you are doing then you can do backstroke or you can dive in like a dolphin. You can swim everywhere in the pool. To swim you can stand on the edge of the pool, put your hands above your head and at the back of your ears and just dive in.    

Friday, 24 October 2014

Use my brain, use my heart I'm going to be cyber smart.

How do we be cyber smart? It’s important to ‘use my brain, use my heart I’m going to be cyber smart. Have you heard that word before. If it a no then I am going to explain that word how and why we need to be cyber smart.

(Use my brain)
Using my brain will help me to think and to be cyber smart. It will also help me to be kind to others people. For example when someone emails me a nasty word I will just use my barni and just ignore it and tell the teacher.    

(Use my haert)
It is important to use my haert. Because it will help me to be brave, think and look what I am doing and when I am doing the test I maint do good and I will do my best.

( Being cybersmart)

How to be cyber smart. You will know that the answer on the test you will get it right.   

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Why we wear hats

At Point. England School we wear hats. Why we wear hats it is because so we don’t get sunburnt and get tired of running in the sun. We wear them when we are playing on the park, on the field and on the courts. We also wear hats in the sun. When we wear our hats we wear them when we are playing and running around.  If you don’t have a toggle  on your hat  sometimes it can come off easily.  Our hats are red with a brim.The seniors wear black hats.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

School Rules

At school we have rules and we have to use our wits too. Why we have school rules is because we keep people safe and take care of them. Where do we use our wits? We use them at the park, inside class and around the school. How we use them? We use them by saying thing that are kind, nice and polite. Last of all when we use our wits we use them everyday.If we don’t keep the school rules we could be on dentention or have some other consequences.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

How our movie was made.

First of all Mr.Jacobsen came into our class group and we were trying to make a movie about sports and we had to pick out of some of the sport and we all picked running. After that Mr. Jacobsen picked three students and they were the students that had to do something for Mr. Jacobsen . The leftover students had to draw two pictures on sumopaint. One picture was to draw the person on the dais with a gold medal and the other one was the person running. After that Mr. Jacobsen  picked the three people and they were Pou he was the cameraman and another one was Billy that had to get everything ready for the movie and Angelica was third person she had to do all the running up on the mountain and on the street. Next the movie was done and I had finished my picture on sumopaint and we put all the movie and my pictures together and it was the best. Then we all watched it and it was cool.         

Friday, 17 October 2014

How much time in a week

This week we've been learning about time. We had to work out hoe much time (minutes) we spent bruising our teeth, at school and watching t.v. Here is my pie graph that shows you how much time I spent each activity. 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Art Attack

Our inquiry this term is called ''Art Attack ". Here is my title card and three questions that I hope to find answers for.

1.Do you make art? 
2.Do you like art?
3.Do you have at at home?

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

My school Holidays.

In the holiday’s my family and I went to the funeral because my great, great aunty died. When we all got there some of the people were crying when the men  were putting her in the ground. Then when she was in the ground all of the people chucked flowers on her in the ground. After that we all had to go to a place called Valentines. It was the best part of my life because there was lots and lots of food. We got to pick what  food we wanted and there was an ice cream maker but we were only allowed it if we finish our food. Then I was full and so my mum got out a big bowl and some glad wrap and put my left over food inside the bowl. After all of that all the people went home but we didn’t because we stayed there and it was cool having more food.