Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Being able to swim is Important

We need to be able to swim because it is good for exercise and fun to do and keeps you safe in the water. You can swim whenever are near water.  If you are doing a challenge and someone says, “GO!” You have to dive in the water and stand in a straight line and you might come first. If you don't know  what you are doing then you can do backstroke or you can dive in like a dolphin. You can swim everywhere in the pool. To swim you can stand on the edge of the pool, put your hands above your head and at the back of your ears and just dive in.    

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  1. Machelle
    Great to see that you are continuing to do some awesome posting on your wonderful blog. I think that talking about swimming and knowing all about swimming is really, really important, because everyone needs to know to swim and not everyone does.

    Mr Webb