Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Did you shake your tail feather?

WALT: Inferring and interpreting underlying meaning of text.
Hey have you ever seen a wake before? well I have, in a book but not in real life. Did you know that a wake a nosy bird and she like to poke about among the fens. Would you like a wake for a pet? 

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

1 Day Till Camp

WALT: think ahead about camp and share what you are looking forward to.

“Guess what? “Our school camp starts tomorrow!”, and I am a captain. But I am not the only captain, My buddy is Alfa and he is a captain with me. When we go to camp I am totally wanting to do Swimming, Kayaking and Top Town. But the the best thing that I really want to do is cooking. Do you know why I like cooking. 

It is because when I grow up, I can lenard how to cook.If you go to camp what will your best thing be. I bet you that it will be The Amazing race. Do you know why? Because if you like the amazing race you could be fit.

I think that school camp is one of the best thing you would love to do.
Because if I went to camp I would love to stay there for 5 weeks.     


Monday, 9 March 2015

Problem Solving

                                 WALT.We are learning how to Solve Number Problems.
 Today Me and my buddy Amethyst has been working together to solve the problem. So how me and my buddy solve it out we went 70 - 30 = 40 and there was 45 left. So we took 8 way, but there were only 5 so I still took the 5 way and broke one of the tens and took way 3. So there were only 37 left and that was the awarders. 

Daisy Data

WALT: Share and explain three interesting facts about Daisies

Daisy (5981645737).jpg

Did you know that there are thousands of different plants growing on earth that are called daisies? The all belong to the Composite family. Also did you know that daises are so cool and pretty.  

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Extraordinary Earthworms

WALT: Insert your picture You must write two sentences in your blog post to explain to your audience what you were learning.

   Today we all learned to draw Earthworms. But we did not only do that. Did you know that you have different kind of worms in your gander, and also you know that worms are not all the same. Some worms can be pink, brown, orange, purple and moron. Worms sometimes need sun and water.So here is my photo, WALT and my Paragraph or sentence.    

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Problem Solving

                  WALT.We are learning how to Solve Number Problems.

Today we learned hoe to solve the problem. When Miss Lavakula gave us a paper she told us to go and solve the number problem, we had to have a buddy too. When we went to go and solve the problem we knew the answer, but we didn't know if it was take way but it wasn't. It was something like all together so it was plus's.
So this is my Number Problem that I have solve for you.         

The Monarch Butterfly

Walt: Explain the life cycle of a butterfly using relevant parts of the text. 
Hey do you like Butterfly's? Well I doDo you know that the Mother Butterfly lay the egg under the plans and then it hash's. When it hash's it eats lots and lots of plans, then it gets fatter and fatter. When it is fat it covers it safe called the Chrysalis. After that it turns into a lovely butterfly. So here is a pierce of a butterfly.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

River Talks

Walt: write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation.

Hey have you ever been to Omaru Creek? Well I have. Last week the year six and five students waked there on Thursday, but it was not only our school there were college kids and other schools. When we got to Omaru Creek we were watching this man with a chain on his right leg and  there were two rubbish bags too, and why we went there is to learned about our community The part that I like was when the man with the ribbons was doing the pukana. After that the best part that I loved was when the lady was dancing and we watched people doing the cook island drums and then we went to a man telling us he has a beautiful daughter and he’s a surfer and that he like’s catches big fish.