Tuesday, 21 October 2014

How our movie was made.

First of all Mr.Jacobsen came into our class group and we were trying to make a movie about sports and we had to pick out of some of the sport and we all picked running. After that Mr. Jacobsen picked three students and they were the students that had to do something for Mr. Jacobsen . The leftover students had to draw two pictures on sumopaint. One picture was to draw the person on the dais with a gold medal and the other one was the person running. After that Mr. Jacobsen  picked the three people and they were Pou he was the cameraman and another one was Billy that had to get everything ready for the movie and Angelica was third person she had to do all the running up on the mountain and on the street. Next the movie was done and I had finished my picture on sumopaint and we put all the movie and my pictures together and it was the best. Then we all watched it and it was cool.         

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