Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Use our senses to write a poem.
Today we have been learning about poetry. I had to 
to write about a emotion and I picked Love. What 
is love to you. Check out my presentation to find
out more.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Preparing Flax for Weaving

The more care and time you take at this point, the nicer your work is going to turn out”

For the past two weeks, Team 5 have been doing art for term 2, 2016. There are five different art groups and they are called, Logo design, Flax and harakeke, crayon and dye, wool and nail and paper mache. The group I am in is Flax and harakeke. I had to work on my netbook with a buddy and her name was Alisha. She was a really nice and kind friend. So we work on a perspiration. We had to watch three different kinds a video and answer the question.   

Wild and Wacky

Read the article about Fraser Williamson to find answers to these questions
What are 3 places where you will find Fraser Williamson’s art?
Magazines, Advertisements, school journal and  T-shirts
Where does Fraser get ideas for his paintings?
Why does water feature in much of his art?
Because he loves surfing and swimming
How have these people helped Fraser?
His wife     encourages him
HIs father    by taking him to the beach
HIs brothers helps him by giving him advice
His grandfather he made art fun  
The art editor like to give him feedback

Find words in the article to match these meanings
illustrator     a person who draws pictures to go with stories
Studio     a place where people create art, music or dance
deadline     a time that something needs to be finished by
rough     a quick sketch

Find words on pages 4 and 5 that start with these blends
shares          crowded         drawing         press
swimming        plants        Fraser          snorkelling

Fill in the missing vowels in these words from page 3
wild          wacky          popular          magazines          books
illustrators          advertisements          children          other       

Monday, 13 June 2016

First day at Graphics

for the past three or two weeks Pt England school have been going to technology. There are four different groups and they are called, Cooking, Hard materials, Graphics and Art. The group I am in is Graphics.  Graphics is a really good rotation, cause all you have to do is design your name on a paper, an the fun part is that you have to design and create something about Graphics. You can crate it on Google Drawing or something else that is best for you.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Lava Story

The Lava Story

Lava (From "Lava" (Official Lyric Video)) - YouTube

Image result for the lava youA long long time ago, as if we were in the days of  giant dinosaurs that lived two proud Maungarei above and below the pristine pacific ocean. These two Maungarei were deeply in love, as if they were Ranginui, the sky father and Papatuanuku the earth mother. However, Maungarei stood tall above the sea, as if he was Sir Edmund Hillary and Rangitoto below the deep blue sea, as if she was the earth core.
Image result for the lava you

It wasn't all happy joy joy because these two lovebirds were separated, by litres and litres of pacific ocean and could not see each other as if they were blinded by love. Maungarei and Rangitoto could not see each other but still communicated through song as if they were big blue whales.
Image result for the lava you
When the two lovebirds find love. They were going to live each other for ever. They will never ever leave each other again. There as happy as a sunflower. Ranginui dream came true and he find a perfect mitch for him. Now they will watch above the sea and enjoy their lives together, and as if their lava was love.

Parts of an Insects and Spider

Here is some thing I have done in my literacy group. I have to find the part of an Insects and an Spider. I hoep you like what I have done, Leave a comment on my blog.