Tuesday, 10 March 2015

1 Day Till Camp

WALT: think ahead about camp and share what you are looking forward to.

“Guess what? “Our school camp starts tomorrow!”, and I am a captain. But I am not the only captain, My buddy is Alfa and he is a captain with me. When we go to camp I am totally wanting to do Swimming, Kayaking and Top Town. But the the best thing that I really want to do is cooking. Do you know why I like cooking. 

It is because when I grow up, I can lenard how to cook.If you go to camp what will your best thing be. I bet you that it will be The Amazing race. Do you know why? Because if you like the amazing race you could be fit.

I think that school camp is one of the best thing you would love to do.
Because if I went to camp I would love to stay there for 5 weeks.     



  1. Hi Machelle
    I really really liked you recount about camp.

    From Sheena

  2. Hi Machelle
    I like your camp writing it is really really cool

    from penny

  3. Hi Machelle
    I like your writing about yaer 5 & 6 cmap and it was the best writing evrey. What was the cool thing evrey for camp

    Form Angelica

  4. Hi Machelle I love your camp writing it looks amazing keep up the hard work

  5. Hi machelle i like your writing about the year 5 and 6 camp,it is really awesome

    From Myztique