Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Museum

On Tuesday Class 9 and 10 went on a trip to the Museum. Some of the other classes came because they did not go on Thursday with their class. When we all got there we all had morning tea. Before we went into the museum to look we had morning tea. Then when we were finished we all went with our own teacher into the museum. First we came down this alleyway and we saw this big long waka and two whare. But the best group was the one in the middle because that group went inside the whare. After that half my group got some cards with Maori food on them. We had to look for what the food was made of. Next we told everyone what we had found and what it was made out of. My group had to stand up and say what was it made out of and I said it was made out of a hard wood tree  and the teacher said that I was right. After that my group learned a haka and that was cool. Then we outside to have lunch and I said I am hungry. We walked a long away and my leg was sore.
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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Commonwealth sport Animation Rubric

Here is my mark that I think I deserve. I think I worked really hard on this term's animation. Next term my goal is to get a better mark.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Cross Courtry

Yesterday it was Cross Country. First we had to get cang into our Cross Country close. I fate ever nervous when I was walking on the lien. When Mr Burt said “On your marks, get set, go!”.

“I was coming a little bat last but then I was coming thread because I was running as fast as I could so I don’t come last. When I was running saw my older brother walking with his fined. I ran past him, and I saw the finish line.

It was cool because I was in my favorite color and that was blue I look at the back of me and  Akosita came thread.  

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Tabitha/ Helping Others

Today class 9 had Miss Clark. We were learned sewing with three buddies or two but we got into threes. It was cool when we were sewing because I was the one who was doing the motes.  The best part was when we were finch.    

Don't get tired of helping others...
We should help people whenever we can.      

Being a Rugby Player

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Hi My name is Machelle and I want to be a Rugby Player. To be a rugby player you have to have the ball and you bump the other team off and you keep on running. You will get a try. So when I grow up I will be one of the big girls and get a gold a silver or a bronse medal. But the best one is the GOLD.
By Machelle Marsters  

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Lost Bags

Michelle and her brother Foueti were getting ready to fly to Tonga to visit their big step sister. This would be the first time either of them flew without their mum or dad. Before they left Michelle ’s mum said, “Make sure you look after your brother and your bags!”
  After they reached their gate Michelle’s brother said he was hungry. Since there was still a lot of time left before their flight left, Michelle took her brother to get something to eat.
 When Michelle and her brother were eating they had a drink of water. When they went to pick up their bags they were missing?
Their plane was getting ready to take off, and they still had not found their missing bags!

All along their bags were in the cafeteria. When they had found their bags they were happy because their flight was about to go to Tonga.

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014


This is things about Complimenting. It means that you say nice thing.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Music in the Forest

One night there were an owl and a kiwi in the forest. The kiwi was playing the guitar and the owl was on the speaker listening to the music that the kiwi was playing. When the kiwi was playing the guitar all the animals and insects came. They were dancing to the music. Even the owl was dancing too because the owl liked the song. Then they all went home because the song was finished.

Friday, 5 September 2014

World's water running out - Punctuation

World leaders are gathering in Washington today to discuss the Worsening "water crisis. Water may soon need to be Rationed,“said U.S President Amelia Topp. If we carry on wasting it,there Simply won’t be enough to go round.
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