Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Museum

On Tuesday Class 9 and 10 went on a trip to the Museum. Some of the other classes came because they did not go on Thursday with their class. When we all got there we all had morning tea. Before we went into the museum to look we had morning tea. Then when we were finished we all went with our own teacher into the museum. First we came down this alleyway and we saw this big long waka and two whare. But the best group was the one in the middle because that group went inside the whare. After that half my group got some cards with Maori food on them. We had to look for what the food was made of. Next we told everyone what we had found and what it was made out of. My group had to stand up and say what was it made out of and I said it was made out of a hard wood tree  and the teacher said that I was right. After that my group learned a haka and that was cool. Then we outside to have lunch and I said I am hungry. We walked a long away and my leg was sore.
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