Thursday, 5 May 2016

Year 7’s 3 days at school

Year 7’s 3 days at school

On Wednesday the year 8’s were going to camp, and the year 7’s were going to stay at school for three days. When the year 8’s went us year 7’s watched a movie that Miss M made at her old school. The movie was called, Boys2Men. There was, sad, happy and boring parts of the movie.

We were so excited to watch a movie with popcorn. The name of the popcorn we had was called, caramel popcorn. My favourite part of the movie, was when a man who took one of the boys to become one of his son and had a home. The saddest part was when one of the brother was stabbed by this other man, and the boring part was when the boy who was little, keep on running and running, but then he stopped.

I really like the movie, it and so interesting and fun. I hope the next year, will be better than this year, and that we get to do fun thing like what the year 8’s did this year.

On the last day, It was the best day ever. We made pasta, and had coca cola. It was so nice, that I had seconds. We all had to pay $2 or more, also we decorated the post in the senior block.

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  1. Hi Machelle, the movie you watched sounds really interesting. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the 3 days of activities. What was your favourite activity?