Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Immersion Assembly

   Immersion Assembly.

It was a lovely morning, as the sun was out and back at school. Pt England School had an Immersion Assembly for a new term. The name for this term is, As I see it. Team 1 to team 5 each made a video to show what they are going to be learning for this term.

My favourite team was team 4. They were the best one out of all why, because they were super heroes, but they were called Teacher Vengers. The video they made together was so funny and cool. My favourite part from the video was how Mr Goodwin was talking. It was so funny how he was talking, cause there is only one of him and he has to change his voice into different kind of voices.

The funny part about this video, was when a little bear had took Bobby Jon’s netbook and ran away. Then the Teacher Vengers came, but this time, “only 2 came.” They were trying to defeat the bear. The tried and tried their best to defeat the bear, but they failed. They were calling for help and the other Teacher Vengers herd one of their sister’s calling for help, so they ran as fun as they could and found them tied up together and saw the ugly looking bear too.

They were trying their best to fight and defeat the bear and to put Bobby Jon’s netbook back where it came from. 11 minutes later, the teacher vengers has defeated the bear. They had won the fight untied the others and lived happily ever after.

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