Friday, 12 December 2014

End of the year Reflection 2014

My favorite thing to do is that I can do maths cause last, last term I didn’t know my maths and now I am in class 9 and we do Xtra Math and Xtramath has help me to learn how to do my math.

My favorite activity is doing the Right thing and playing the Right Way. Because I know that some of the student in Point England School dsoe the right thing and plays the right way. So I learned how to do the right thing and play the rht way.

 Last term I played Netball and it was always fun but this term I play Tag and it was fun too because my mum and dad alway spouts me at a intonat and I am going to be in tag next year and I think that I am going to be better at it.

The most of the things that I’ve enjoyed is going to the pools with my whole class. Why I like going to the pools is because I like swimming and I also like diving. Also I love to have a rast in the pool with my friends..    It is alway amazing at the pool!

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