Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Summer Holidays.

In the holidays I went to the best beach in my life with my uncle, aunty, my mum and one of my brother came too. The beach we all went to was called stand wall beach and the tide was really in and it was cold but I still had a swim. But before me and my brother went for a swim we had to have something to eat then we had a rest. After we had a rest we went for a long swim then I came out and got my towel and laid down in the sun to get dry. After that I had a sower in the bathroom and then I got into my clothes and had more food to eat because I was hungry again. Then my brother came with me to the park to play games. After we play the games at the park my uncle, aunty and I went to take my mum and my brother home why I didn't go with my mum and my brother home because I was sleeping over my uncles and aunties house.

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