Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Chocolate Game.

Walt: Recount our experience of the Chocolate Game
“Hey have you ever played a game called The Chocolate Game?” Well this morning our teacher told us to sit in a large circle but we didn't know why. When we were sitting down in the circle, our teacher said that we are going to play a game. The game we were going to play was called The Chocolate Game, and it kind of sounded yummy.

Do you know how to play the Chocolate game?
Well this is how you play the game. You have to roll the dice and if you get a 1,3,5,2, or 4 then you have to pass the dice over to the next person. But if the dice lands on a 6, then you have to get up and put on 6 items which is, 1 piece of clothing and 5 accessories. If a another person get a six then you have to take everything off and sit back down.

I always got a 1 and a 4. “Man” I really wanted to get a 6, but I didn't. My friend called Amethyst got to put on 1 piece of clothing and 5 accessories 4 times. She was about to cut up the chocolate with the fork and knife, but then my other friend got a 6 so Amethyst had to sit back down. She really wanted to eat the chocolate.

“Hey did you know what was the chocolate doing?” It was sitting in the middle of the circle saying “EAT me eat me eat me!, and only one girl and one boy got to eat one piece of chocolate. I was sitting next to my friends hoping to get a six. But I didn't, and then when I had to pass the dice over to the next person.

What an amazing game we played. My favourite part was when My friend Martin was wearing the coconut brae, and my least favourite part was when I did not get to eat the chocolate.

I really enjoyed playing The Chocolate Game with my classroom, and I am looking foreword to play it again.    

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