Friday, 19 June 2015


“Have you played Basketball before?”
Well for the past 7 weeks, our maths class have been learning about Basketball. Basketball a game for fun, and also you could learn some cool skills. Our coaches are Vinnie and Shanice. They are the one’s whom have been teaching us Basketball.

“Hey,” do you know how to play Golden Child? Well, there are two teams and one team is running and the other team is shooting.The team that is running have to try and make it around the hall before the shooting team gets the ball in the hoop. If the team that is shooting gets the ball in the hoop, and you are still running then both teams yell out “STOP!”.  Then the last person at the back runs and if he or she runs then the rest of the runners runs with that person. After everyone has had their turn, the teams swap over.

Some of the skills we learned was Jump stop, The V dribble and the bongo drums. We practise Basketball in the hall. Basketball is a cool game, but you also can get tiring. Did you know that when you are play basketball your sweat runs down your back and it is kind of ticklish. Did you know that my favorite part was when we were playing golden child because our team won the game.

After we were play lots of games we all had lots of fun. Did you know that if you are not good at playing basketball then if you keep on playing basketball then you will get good at it and did you know that my teacher Miss Lavakula is so good at basketball too?


Walt: Write simple and complex sentences

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  1. Hi Machelle So awesome I like the drawing that you have drawers do have a amazing day with Miss Lavakula and be good to her