Friday, 14 August 2015

Curriculum Vitae - CV

This term we have our own currency and are running an  economy within our team. The children have chosen their businesses to market a product to sell here at school. It's going to be an awesome term!


Hi my name is Machelle, and I am applying for a job. Here are the job you can apply for. A taller, a bin monitor, windows, PENN, porch cleaner, dishes, shoe monitor and also imac monitor. The job I am applying for is doing the dishes. Why I want to apply for this job, it is because I can be good at it and also I can be responsible too.

If I get pick to help do the dishes then I would not only do the dishes, I can also help other people if only they need help. I can be respectful to everyone and if I was doing the dishes and someone want to do it, then they can do it if only the aks a teacher. So that is all why I want to do the dishes.


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