Thursday, 22 October 2015

NZ Native Animal Report

Have you seen a kiwi before? Well if you have, then that is cool, because I am going to talk about a kiwi. Where it lives, What it eats, What does it look like and What does it do.

A kiwi lives in a native forest and some lives in Australia. A kiwi has thick fur and  has tiny wings, but cannot fly. It eats worms and other bugs. It sleep in the day and is awake in the night. That is called nocturnal.

A kiwis egg is 6x bigger and heavier than a kiwi. When the kiwi has laid the egg, It sit on it to keep it warm. But when the kiwi is gone to look for food. The kiwi covers the egg with leaves.
Image result for kiwi birds

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