Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Learning how to edit

Sam woke up in the morning, he was eating breakfast. There was a competition going on at the skate park, and Sam wanted to go. His mum said no, and he got angry. Sam went to his room, and he was sad, so he jumped out of his window, and went to the park.. He saw his friends and said hi. one of his friends were at home doing his homework., and another friend of Sam was eating his lunch. so am was play with his friends for only 10 minutes.

5 minutes later, an earthquake happened, and monsters come out of the ground. Tevita my friend, didn’t know that a monster was behind him. The ugly monster was derping on his. I ran up to Tevita and yelled “Watch out!” Tevita looked at the back of him and “scream” so lowered that he sounded like a little girl. We ran as fast as we could and we got away. I tried to find my mum, because she was the only one who could save me. Mum said she wasn’t going to help me because, I was so naughty at school and everywhere I go. So she flew away.

The monsters took over the world, and we always had earthquakes on earth. I had to train so hard, as hard as I could, to become a superhero. I had to do something nice or kind to someone on earth, just what my mum did. So I train every day and every week., to become a superhero.

2 years later, I became a superhero, by being kind and nice to everyone on earth. I was conference to defeat  the monsters on my own. But then other people came up to me and said, “We will all like to help you defeat the monsters, and bring everything back to normal.”So we gather up, and talked about, what our plan was?
So then we talked and talked and talked. Then we had an idea, It was to say something nice to the monsters and tell them how we feel, about them taking over the word. So we went and told them, and then they got the idea, about them doing something bad to us.

So then the monsters left our plant, and went back to their own plant. We didn’t have earthquakes any more, and then the world was back to normal. After that had all happened, Sam was so happy because, he became John King.

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