Monday, 4 July 2016

Four Senses

Fill in the spaces with words from the story
Dogs and humans have five senses.
If we lose our sight we get better at using the other four senses.
The one that helps Millie the most is her hearing.
Millie listens all the time.
Millie can feel where the corner is by the way the footpath slopes.
She know when we’ve arrived at the park because she feels the grass under her feet.
Millie knows most of the dogs in our neighbourhood by their smell.
Most of the time Millie can remember where the trees in the park are.

When we get to our house Millie walks past it till she smell the flowers that grow in front of our fence.

What sense (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch) does Millie use to find out:

where she and her guide person are going to walk to?
when they have arrived at the park?
which of her dog friends have already been to the park?
where Baillie is?
when they have arrived home again?

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