Friday, 14 October 2016


Last term, Room 1 have been learning about Ratio. But this term we are learning about Algebra. For example, Algebra is like a letter but is a number, so if there were 18 kids at Pt England School, and 9 of them had black hair, and the other 9 had brown hair, you will have to find out the letter for the number 9. An other one is if M is 9, then you will have to find out what W is, so M is 9 and M=6, all you had to do was add 9 to the number 6  to make that number for the letter W. So the answer so 15. 9+6=15. Here is a Link for you to see how I have done my Algebra. 
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  1. Hey Machelle it's Danielle. I really like how you explained what algebra is by giving an example. I also like how you put a link in so that people could see how you have done your algebra. So keep up the hard work in maths Machelle.