Friday, 24 March 2017

Got there

Hi Everyone

This week was great with my maths class. I have been learning my 12 time tables all week and I got there. First I didn't know them at all, because I was not trying and I was just talking to the person next to me. Until, Mr Wiseman My maths and home teacher helped me. He asked me "what time table's was I struggling on?"
I told him and we stared working on it, I was so happy to get help. Two days later and I knew my 12 time table's. Thanks to Mr Wiseman for his help and now I am only learning my 13 time table's. I feel good about Getting there when I was way back behind.

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  1. Hi Machelle- cool blog! I am a teacher in training and am looking at how students use technology. Tumeke! Great writing, keep it up!