Monday, 9 October 2017


It was Sunday and we have church like every normal Sunday. This time it was different, we started at 1:00 PM, when we really start at 10:00 AM. When everyone was there, a man that has been coming to our church for the pass 3 weeks, talked about him self when he was a teen. I really didn't hear much, because I had to go and get change into our Cook Island costume with my brother. We had to perform for our Pastor Benny last day at our church.

It was 15 minutes later and my brother and I was ready to go out in front of the church to perform. My Aunty said to me don't forget to smile and sway your hips as slow as you can. My brother went out first, and everyone was videoing. He did a Cook Island and Maori dance mixed together, with the "HAKA". The it was my tern. I did a solow dance for our Pastor. He was crying, and I didn't expect that. It was alright because I get how he feels.

After all of that, we got changed again, but back into our church close, but before that we took lots of photo's with everybody. When we came out They were like, OMG that was so cool, that was amazing, love your dancing, and many more nice thing's. They loved it, but mainly Pastor Benny. We had a feed, and took more Photo's, "IT WAS FUN". 
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