Monday, 2 October 2017

The fist week of the holidays

It was the first week of the holidays and I had a lot of fun already. This morning I was told to get up early, because we were going to help old people that are needs.

Once we got there, we had to follow the rule's and what we should do. I got to help in the kitchen with a lady call Jady. She took me into a place where only the staff people were aloud. She told me how to cook different foods and many more. The men's that were there took my dad, uncle and my little brother, to the back of the billing. I didn't know what they had to do, but my mum and aunty had to leans how to change the old people. They learnt how to put them in their beds and their chair.

I learnt how to cook a lot of nice foods and also how to feed the people with my mum and aunty. My dad came back with my uncle and my brother. They said all they had to do is fix the chair of the pool, so people can go slowly into the pool without any damage.

It took us 7 hours and 40 something 5 minutes. We had lots of fun and my dad and mum was happy to do that for other people. It was an inspires for them. Hope u enjoy your holiday, and be safe.
Happy Holiday

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